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There is never a terrible time to add more hats to your collection, even though the warm weather of summer is coming to an end. This easy-to-grab accessory may be the crowning touch on any getup, whether you’re wearing it with a swimsuit, a swimdress, biker shorts, or mom jeans. All you need to do is pair it with the appropriate bottoms!

It’s possible that the type of hat you wear has different connotations for you depending on your personal sense of style and preferences in general. Because there is such a wide selection of hats available, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that is appropriate for the event you are attending. To assist you in making a decision, the following is a list of some of the styles of hats that were popular during the summer of 2022:

#1. Wide-Brimmed Hats

Not only are hats with a wide brim fashionable at the moment, but they are also an excellent way to shield your face from the heat of the sun. Although they can be made from a variety of materials, straw is by far the most fashionable option for wide-brimmed hats. On Etsy, you can get wide-brimmed hats made from felt, lace, faux leather, and linen for reasonable costs and in a range of colours. If that particular style isn’t your thing, however, you have other options.

Unfortunately, many hats with wide brims do not have crowns that can be collapsed, so packing them might be challenging. However, this straw hat by Free People is not only easy to pack away in a suitcase, but it also comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

#2. Bucket Hat

The fact that bucket hats can be worn in seasons other than summer is one of their greatest advantages. You can wear a bucket hat at any time of the year and still look beautiful, so even though summer is coming to an end, this large hat does not have to be stored away in your wardrobe until the weather gets warmer again.

The bucket hat has had a remarkable comeback in recent years. This hat with a 90s aesthetic is all over social media, it’s being utilised in advertising campaigns, and some businesses are even giving them out as swag! Bucket hats are becoming increasingly popular, displacing other headwear such as baseball caps and frisbees.

Bucket hats are an excellent choice for a casual accessory because of their ability to help dress down any outfit. They are also able to be produced in a plethora of colours, with or without text, as well as patterns and prints, or with or without either. In addition to being fun for everyone, they take up very little space because they can be folded up. It’s possible that the bucket hat is the one and only headwear item you’ll ever need if you’re only going to buy one.

#3. Visor

Visors do an excellent job of shielding your eyes from the sun, yet they do not impede your ability to arrange your hair in any manner. They resemble a baseball cap from the top down, with the exception that they only feature a front visor and a band that is two inches wide and wraps around the wearer’s head. This is an excellent alternative for women who like to wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun.

Women's Summer Hat Styles

Even though they’re a more laid-back option, they’re a time-honored accessory that can assist keep your face safe and serve as the finishing touch to an ensemble. The visor is here to assist you in any situation, whether you are heading to a sporting event, the beach, or even simply doing a little gardening in your backyard.

#4. Panama

This time-honored kind of hat is elevated to the realm of high fashion and is worn in a more formal setting. In addition to looking wonderful with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, it also looks fantastic when worn with a maxi dress. The Panama hat is an excellent choice for sprucing up a casual outfit or putting the finishing touches on a dress for a date night because it lends an air of refined sophistication to any ensemble it tops.

Although Panama hats were traditionally crafted by hand in Ecuador, around the Equator, one may now get them manufactured in large quantities online. Although doing so may make them more affordable, the quality will suffer significantly as a result, which you will be able to see.

Visit Montecuador if you are in the market for an absolutely genuine Panama hat that will serve you well for a very long time to come. You’ll be getting the genuine article because every one of their hats is handcrafted in Ecuador out of the same kind of leaf that was used to make the first Panama hats.

#5. Baseball Cap

There is no such thing as an exhaustive collection of hats that does not include the reliable baseball cap. There is something to be said for a baseball cap, despite the fact that these caps are not as fashionable as a Panama and are not as entertaining as a bucket hat. They are timeless, they shield your face from the sun, and they can be styled to look amazing when worn with a ponytail.

A baseball cap is a wonderful and safe option to go with if you are a bit hesitant about purchasing a new hat or you aren’t really a person who wears hats. Because the majority of people already know how to wear them and because they aren’t difficult to style, they make an excellent first hat.

Old Navy carries a selection of adorable baseball caps, each of which comes in one of three colours. They don’t weigh much, wick moisture well, and are entertaining. What else could you possibly desire from something as simple as a baseball cap?

#6. Crochet Hats

You just need to crochet a hat in the style of your choice and you’ll be right on trend.

This summer, several people were observed wearing hats that were crocheted. If you know how to crochet, there is nothing preventing you from making your next favourite hat! They typically come in bright or pastel hues, and the majority of people do purchase them; however, if you know how to crochet, there is nothing stopping you from making your own!

Because the yarn isn’t particularly sturdy, the majority of people opt for crochet bucket hats, but you shouldn’t allow it limit your creativity in any way. If you wish to crochet a sun hat with a wide brim, you should definitely give it a try. However, you shouldn’t be too startled if it ends up being a little bit floppy.

When it comes to crochet hats, the most important thing appears to be making sure they are bright and not too heavy. These hats are simple to put on, are quite comfy, and may look a little sloppy, but that is perfectly acceptable. They are entertaining, and if you enjoy crocheting, they can make for a great little side project to work on over the fall and winter months. I wish you the best of luck, regardless of whether you want to follow a pattern or draw it on your own.

Stay Stylish

Not only are hats the ideal way to complete an ensemble, but they also serve an important practical purpose by shielding the wearer’s face from the sun. Whether you live in a region that has a lot of summer sun and has high temperatures or in a region that is generally cooler and experiences more rain than shine, wearing a hat is a terrific way to protect your skin and make you look fashionable at the same time.

Because there are so many different kinds of hats available, the possibilities are virtually endless. Do not give up just yet even if the styles of hats that were presented to you in the previous paragraph did not appeal to you in any way. There is a great hat out there just waiting for you to find it, and you will!

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